About Us

What is SandFree?

Learn more about our innovative refinishing process that doesn’t render your floors “out of order” for several days or weeks.

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Our History

Our company began with Mr. Johnson, of Johnson & Johnson. Find out how he sparked the creation of our refinishing process.

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The “Sand-boni”

At SandFree, we have our very own “Zamboni-inspired” resurfacing machine. Learn more about how we created it and how it changed our technique.

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国际现金网Appearance Retention

Just like your carpets, the finishes on your floors have an “appearance retention” value。 Find out how this factors into our refinishing process。

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Laminate Floors

We share the details about what laminate floors are, how they’re made, and how the compare to real wood.

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Find the answers to common questions about how our process works, floor colorings, existing and new finishes, and more.

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