Hagely Museum 047

  1. Absolutely no wood can be removed.
  2. Natural character of wood cannot be disturbed
  3. Products may need to be consistent with historic standards

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St. James Street

This early-1700’s home is a classic and is situated in the Old City part of Philadelphia. We helped transform its drab, worn floors to floors that glow.

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19th Century Billiards Room

国际现金网Our SandFree refinishing process turned the floors of this old 19th-century billiards room into a vibrant recreational area。

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19th Century Dining Room

In this 19th-century dining room, we carefully restored the color, shine, and youth of the original floor.

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19th Century Ball Room

We know a ballroom floor needs to be impressive, so we refinished this 19th-century floor to give it a beautiful color and vibrancy.

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