Restaurant Projects


  1. Start at 12AM
  2. Finish at 8AM
  3. Tight time lines
  4. No odor is essential
  5. Long lasting finish
  6. Any meal not served is revenue lost.
  7. Downtime for the restaurant is more expensive than the service.



We had only a few hours a day to reverse the severe buildup of oil on this Steven Starr restaurant’s floor and beautifully refinish it with our urethane procedure.

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Frankie’s Sports Bar

This Dallas, Texas’ dull, lifeless sports bar floor needed a good refinishing and a nice gloss. We were able to transform it into a presentable area.

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Presented with the challenge of a bamboo floor, our Sand Free team was able to preserve the “newness” of this restaurant’s floor with an elegant semi-gloss finish.

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Rats Restaurant

Rats restaurant was one of our first major projects。 We were able to rediscover the beautiful maple and walnut floor that was underneath a dark reddish-brown surface。

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