Mori Moto7th and Chestnut
Philadelphia, PA.

Morimoto is a COOL restaurant. The floor is bamboo. The glass tables and booths change colors. And, the food is unbelievable.

Morimoto has great views, but back to the wood。 The finish used was semi-gloss。 There was discussion about using high-gloss, but we decided against that。 It is one of the few restaurants in which high gloss might have looked good , but the semi-gloss gave that “clean” look, while not permitting the finish to be over-bearing。

Especially in restaurants, “newness” is important – some of these restaurants have a life cycle of 3 years. Restaurant owners are becoming more appreciative of the need to look “new” all of the time, because a lot of the customers each night are new and they deserve the same “wow” impressions that everyone got when the restaurant first opened.


The beauty of SandFree is that we can mightily contribute to helping the restaurant look new, without requiring the restaurant to close and sacrifice all of that revenue.

The hardest part of Morimoto was that, due to the raised platforms, we were almost back to the beginning techniques because we couldn’t use the Zamboni on the platforms。

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