A Terrible Floor

Renovation Process

Floors don’t get much worse than this one. There was a partition that was installed in the middle of the floor. Part of the floor had been painted green, another part had some pink. Part of the floor had been varnished , and a portion had nothing done to it in 70 years.

Phase 1 – 3

terrible-floor-1We removed 50 years of dirt and grime. We now could see there really was wood underneath the top layer. You can get a better idea of where the partition was (upper middle of the picture) located. Most of the green paint came up, but some of the pink paint (upper part of picture) became more obvious.


ColorMagiQ – Base Coat

terrible-floor-3When applying ColorMagiQ, there are 2 ways to approach re-coloring: You can apply the colors in layers, or you can mix the colors together and apply them as one covering. We chose to layer the colors because this would allow us to make adjustments in the color as we went. On the right is the floor with 1 a base coat of color applied. The base coat will increase the graining.

ColorMagiQ – Walnut

terrible-floor-4With the grain accentuated by the base coat, we applied the Walnut to restore the wood tone.

ColorMagiQ – Crimson

terrible-floor-5…and finally, crimson to restore the red in the floor.

This floor was so bad, it couldn’t be SandFree’d or sanded. This was the only solution to save the rental unit owner a major expense of replacing the floor or carpeting.

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