Custom Colors

Irvine Auditorium


The challenge and opportunity of ColorMagiQ is to produce a colorant that will, when applied to the exisiting wood, create the wood color the customer wants。 Because ColorMagiQ is a stain, not a paint, the existing wood color shows through。 If you apply enough coats of ColorMagiQ the existing wood color will become less apparent。


“Irvine Red” is a custom-mixed stain, combining 3 of our base stains. We created multiple shades of “Irvine Red” in the warehouse, until we were happy with the final product. The University was very pleased with our ability to match the stage with the rest of the wood in the auditorium.


One Note of Caution: This project worked out beautifully because there was a wax finish that we removed. We were working on raw wood. If you have a harder, more durable finish – varnish or urethane for example – the results will not be as dramatic because we will be working on top of the finish, not the raw wood. When ColorMagiQ is in contact with raw wood, the color is intense and dramatic, with limitless possibilities. The intensity of the color is reduced when ColorMagiQ is applied on top of finish.

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