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Hardwood and tile floors require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them looking shiny and beautiful, and to prevent them from rutting, due to the presence of moisture or other forms of corroding agents. An easy way for trying to restore the shine of hardwood floors is to apply different types of waxes to them. But this process is short lived and will probably still resort to refinishing your floors, to revive the life and original shine of the wood or tile. This complicated process of refinishing a hardwood floor or renovating stone and tile floors requires a professional; finding one doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Just trust the company that made sandless hardwood floor refinishing and tile renovation a common practice; trust SandFree©. We specialize in refinishing hardwood floors and tile restoration in Tucson and the surrounding area.

Our custom techniques include refinishing your hardwood floors and revitalizing your stone and tile, so that they have a luster and shine that is pleasing to the eye. The usual dust and dirt which can be stirred up during the sanding process is eliminated with our chemical treatment. The layers of dirty wax and polish on the stone/tile will be removed also. The end result is a finish that comes out as smooth as glass, without the mess and hassle of traditional sanding. Instead, you get a wonderful floor treatment that can take the wear and tear out of your hardwood flooring or tile, and leave it looking brand new. Our sandfree process is just what you have been looking for if you have been considering refinishing your hardwood floors in Tucson.

You can also recolor your floors using our ColorMagiQ products. Please check our section on ColorMagiQ to see what your floor can become.

We specialize in SandFree® refinishing. This technique is very effective, environmentally friendly and will leave your hardwood floors gleaming with an eye catching shine that is breathtakingly spectacular. Our intricate process of bringing your floors back to their original beauty can really help you make your home look its absolute best. Your floors will be refinished to look stunning, without you having to be stunned on how long it will take.
2016-08-30-08-43-48 dorchester-1003-after-2If you are concerned about your pets, you will rest assured in knowing that our process has been patented to be safe to both animals and humans. In fact, it’s a lot safer than sanding for people that have sensitive allergies, because it doesn’t increase the amount of dust in the air. The process won’t require an intense clean up either. It will restore the attractiveness of your floors, without taking a toll on the rest of your home or building. Refinishing hardwood floors in Tucson is now easy and relatively inexpensive, thanks to our world class service.

Sanding can potentially damage your floors, if not done properly。 Sometimes this damage can be so detrimental, that you may need to replace some of the paneling of your floors。 You put your floors at risk when subjecting them to the abrasive factors of the sanding process。 Why take the risk when you can get better results that are safer for your floors with our sandless service? Our specialists will bring the glow back to your floors worry free。

Why resort to gimmicks when refinishing your hardwood floors in Tucson became easier with the help of our services? The harshness of refinishing your floors is made simple thanks to our five step chemical process. Our service will help you obtain a long lasting shine which will leave your floors looking great. If you want to refurbish the beauty of your hardwood or tile floors, contact us today!

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