Refinishing Hardwood Floors – Pennsylvania – Philadelphia

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Southeastern Pennsylvania

Tim Lawrence
Call Center: 888-202-3794

Western Pennsylvania

Bryon & Jennifer Whipkey
Call Center: 888-202-3794

Jen and Bryon joined the SandFree Revolution in Wood Floor Refinishing about 2 years ago。 Bryon was a general contractor and Jen was an interior designer。 They have performed beautifully and have provided all of the services their customers have required – SandFree, SandFree with ColorMagiQ, floor repairs, and sanding。 Whatever your floor needs, Bryon and Jen can provide the proper services to renovate them to an almost new condition。

In the past, when refinishing hardwood floors in Pennsylvania, the flooring surfaces needed to be restored by periodically sanding down the worn and marred finishes with powerful belt sanders。 This would then require a meticulous clean up of sawdust and debris from the old finish, before applying the new protective coating。 Not only did the old method of refinishing hardwood floors in Pennsylvania create a mess that often migrated throughout the home, the sanding procedure also removed a portion of the fine wood every time it was performed。 Over time, floors could become so thin that they would need to be replaced。

国际现金网Restoring hardwood floors in Pennsylvania has since been modernized and made less abrasive, and less messy, with a sand free approach。 The professionals at SandFree are dedicated to the art of refinishing hardwood floors in Pennsylvania without implementing the traditional practice of destructive and strenuous sanding。 The monstrous, dust producing floor sander has been taken out of our practice and replaced by environmentally safe chemicals that can be used to put the shine back in your floors。 The chemical restoration process of floor renovation prepares the old, clouded and damaged finish to receive a new coat of urethane without disturbing the character of the wood。 When applied carefully by skilled refinishing crews, the final result is every bit as beautiful as the more contemporary process, but without all the mess and loss of valuable wood。

Refinishing hardwood floors in Pennsylvania has become much easier with the help of SandFree. Our professionals will provide you with the most quality refinishing work you could ever imagine. We are proud to be the leader in refinishing hardwood floors in Pennsylvania using a sandless process. Our dedication to our work and commitment to improving our industry is what makes us superior.

We have pioneered the practice of refinishing hardwood floors in Pennsylvania without having to sand them. The chemical treatment we employ is not just a simple wipe-on/wipe-off process, but a very precise and demanding 5-step sequence that needs to be rigidly and carefully executed, to obtain the very best results. SandFree makes sure that each and every one of their professionals are thoroughly trained to execute this sequence perfectly, to ensure that your floors come out looking the best they ever could. We are focused on giving our customers the very best results in the minimum amount of time; in hopes to not impose upon their daily routine.

Our complicated process ultimately leaves your hardwood floors looking as beautiful as they did when they were brand new. You won’t have to suffer through inconveniences that are synonymous with sanding your floors, like noise or an increase of excessive dust, which can be a real nuisance for people with sensitive allergies. Our treatment can breathe life back into your hardwood floors, without making your life more stressful.

Our services can’t be matched by any of our competitors, because we provide you with excellent quality work and top notch customer service. We use only the highest grade of chemistry for our removal process and apply only the finest and most durable brands of urethane finishes. We’re proud of our long-standing reputation for quality and reliability, and have maintained that reputation by consistently providing work that meets and exceeds the most prestigious standards in the industry. If you are interested in refinishing your hardwood floors in Pennsylvania, please contact us today!

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