There are 2 components to repairing wood – similar wood type and color.  Everyone in the SandFree® family pays attention to finding wood that can be reclaimed. We get this wood from houses/condos/units that are replacing their floors, or even old buildings that are being torn down.  Literally, we have salvaged wood from coast to coast.  We maintain inventories of these woods that have been used locally.  Normally, overtime, these woods have been stained, sanded, and naturally aged due to exposure to light.  That is PERFECT for what we want.  We want wood that looks to be 50+ years old to use for patching and small area replacement.  The beauty of SandFree® is that our color techniques, equaled by no one, can blend the replacement wood with the existing. wood.  This may save you a lot of money from replacing your floors.

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