SandFree® was developed because customers demanded it.  They were tired of the inconvenience, the dust, the odor, and the time it took to refinish their floors, not to mention the cost. And, most floors didn’t need to be sanded.  Sanding was just reducing the useful life of their floors.

The issue was – how can you get urethane to adhere to a wood floor。  Prior to SandFree®, that answer was – sand the floor。  Our approach was completely different – we wanted to get the urethane to adhere to an existing coat of urethane and we found we could do that chemically。

The other issue was color.  Instead of using typical penetrating stains, we found we could create a topical stain by adding color to the bonding coat!  And that gave us a complete spectrum of color to chose from.  By using a chemical to let the urethane bond to the wood floor, and being able to give a huge offering of color, we can solve most floor problems.

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