Wood Refinishing with SandFree

国际现金网SandFree® can be used on any hard surface, but it began with wood。  Please read about our ColorMagiQ staining system, because that staining system gives SandFree® enormous power to recolor/reclaim wood。  Especially on floors where the wood has been discolored, we can go a long way to improving the wood to an acceptable level。

In addition to staining wood floors, SandFree® can refinish wood floors without sanding out any useful life of the material.  If you have 5/16″ red oak, and top nails are showing, SandFree® is the only way to refinish the floor and not have to replace it.

Whatever refinishing you are doing, talk to your local SandFree® representative and see if you are a candidate to save a lot of money and have a much better wood refinishing experience。

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